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  • Domestic Mattresses

    From the littlest member of the family through to the biggest, at Vanrest Beds Direct, you'll find the mattress that's just right.

  • Commercial Mattresses

    Keep your customers happy – and counting sheep – with our commercial quality mattress range, made in Melbourne.

  • Custom Mattresses

    Round, square, extra long… whatever the shape and size, we expertly make custom mattresses to suit your needs.

  • Camper Mattresses

    Just because you're on the road, doesn't mean you have to 'rough it', thanks to Vanrest Beds Direct.

Our Mattresses Range

Pillow top mattresses

It's time for a little pillow talk

Tossing and turning? Run out of sheep to count? Just can’t get comfortable?

Then try one of our luxurious pillow top mattresses. Perfect for the sleeper who wants to sink into cushiony comfort but still feel supported. Vanrest Beds Direct pillow top mattresses provide a layer of softness on top of a firm foam box construction or pocketspring mattress and are a great alternative for those who find a regular mattress too firm.

The pillow top can be made from your choice of:

  • Latex
  • 10yr guarantee foam

All of our pillow top mattresses can be made single or double sided. Like all of our mattresses, the pillow top does not include any polyester, so you’ll always feel soft and supported, never soft and saggy.

Why Choose Our Products

  • It's all about quality

    You'll find only high quality materials in Vanrest Beds Direct mattresses. And because we don't use polyester, your mattress lasts for longer.

  • Your mattress, your style

    If you want a mattress shaped like a triangle, then that's what you'll get! We make mattresses that meet your needs and wishes.

  • Feel comfortable, always

    From basic innerspring to cushy pillow top, and the edge-to-edge support of our foam box construction, find comfort in Vanrest Beds Direct.