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  • Domestic Mattresses

    From the littlest member of the family through to the biggest, at Vanrest Beds Direct, you'll find the mattress that's just right.

  • Commercial Mattresses

    Keep your customers happy – and counting sheep – with our commercial quality mattress range, made in Melbourne.

  • Custom Mattresses

    Round, square, extra long… whatever the shape and size, we expertly make custom mattresses to suit your needs.

  • Camper Mattresses

    Just because you're on the road, doesn't mean you have to 'rough it', thanks to Vanrest Beds Direct.

Custom-made Re-Creation Mattresses

Wake up to a new you

If your caravan or camping vehicle could demand its mattresses, it would demand Re-Creation mattresses. Luxurious, lightweight and flexible, Re-Creation mattresses offer weary travellers an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Available in Australia exclusively through Vanrest Beds Direct, Re-Creation mattresses come in three levels of luxury: Comfort, Plush and Ultimate. Featuring the unique Pascal cassette spring system, Re-Creation mattresses use high-grade Swedish steel and the best foam and materials available to provide superior comfort, durability and pressure distribution. That means you’ll have a restful night no matter how much your partner moves. The special natural airflow design ensures the Re-Creation mattress stays cool in any weather conditions.

Manufactured in Australia, Re-Creation mattresses carry a 10-year warranty.

Why Choose Our Products

  • It's all about quality

    You'll find only high quality materials in Vanrest Beds Direct mattresses. And because we don't use polyester, your mattress lasts for longer.

  • Your mattress, your style

    If you want a mattress shaped like a triangle, then that's what you'll get! We make mattresses that meet your needs and wishes.

  • Feel comfortable, always

    From basic innerspring to cushy pillow top, and the edge-to-edge support of our foam box construction, find comfort in Vanrest Beds Direct.